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The African Dream- Indiegogo Campaign

After launching http://www.mixdem.com and sharing the story a lot has happened. Thousands of visitors from all corners of the world have visited the website. I also received a lot of advice from other fellow founders which has been very encouraging. Articles have been written about how I created the web application.

Over the past year the number of users has increased steadily. Also I had the opportunity to learn from the users what they really wanted. A lot of features have been proposed that includes localization, music streaming, videos and reviews. This has left in my mind no doubt about the viability of my idea.

Despite the obvious growing interest and potential, I haven’t been able to work on the idea for a very long time, more than seven months. Access to computer, internet access, lack of proper hosting and marketing has hindered the progress of the startup. Opportunities to attract investments and other form of partnership have come and go only because sometimes I would miss the emails because of access to internet.

Besides that limited access to investors for early stage funding has also been a problem. However besides all this setbacks I have continued to believe that I will be able to achieve success somehow. Acting on advice of other founders and well wishers I have setup a Indiegogo fundraising campaign to fund the development of the application and also marketing to grow the application.

Funds raised in this campaign will be used develop a new version of the application that takes into consideration the requirements. I hope your support will enable to grow the number of users that will enable me to be able to attract investment and also be able to monetize the application.

You don’t have to give money to help; just liking the campaign will be also very helpful.

You can also discuss this on Hacker News.


About Munyuki Manatsa

I am web developer @ http://www.mixdem.com.I like programming in php ,hip hop ,soccer and action movies.


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