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Keeping yourself motivated and focused when building a startup

Building a startup is difficult and takes long time and effort get it off the ground. Initially when you getting started it seems easy and simple. After launching your product you may find that your assumptions were wrong and the results that you were expecting are not forthcoming. It maybe that you are finding it difficult to get the money for project, having low levels of traffic or your product needs further development, which means you are probably going to be investing more time in the project and it will be difficult to stay focused and motivated. These are some of the techniques that I have found useful:

Short term Goals
Set your yourself short term goals that you can easily achieve. This gives you hope and instant satisfaction and a feeling of winning. When you are achieving your short term goals you will have confidence that you are going to achieve your ultimate goals. If you set yourself goals and targets that difficult to achieve or you are just going after one big target goal, you risk being demoralised as it’s not clear whether you will achieve your goals.

Having a hobby helps you give you a fresh mind to tackle problems that you encounter and also the energy you need. For myself watching a good game of soccer in a sports bar rejuvenate my mind. Also taking a walk also seem to help a lot.

Talking with other founders
Whatever you are probably going through, someone has gone through it already. Reaching out to the founders or business people is helpful as get invaluable advice and words of encouragement that will keep you going. Also success stories by other founders will motivate you to keep going as they probably would have gone through the same thing.

Sharing you experiences with the rest of the world is extremely important as it gives you time to honestly reflect and analyze your progress. It also give other people that do not even know the platform to give you advice, encourage you to keep going and also share their response with you.

Just having that self-belief that you going make it no matter what you will make it one day, it’s something that will keep you motivated and going even when it doesn’t look good or you are having a tough time.

Celebrate your achievements
Sometimes we tend to underestimate our own achievements. Just because you have not achieve a certain goal that does not mean you have achieved nothing. Just starting something in itself is an achievement and should be celebrated. Celebrate anything you have achieved no matter how small as it will keep you motivated.

These are the techniques that have worked for me and I would like to hear what works for you guys .


About Munyuki Manatsa

I am web developer @ http://www.mixdem.com.I like programming in php ,hip hop ,soccer and action movies.


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