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When the odds are against you, believe it’s written in the stars that you will achieve your goals

Sometimes in life you find yourself in a position where achieving your goals, dreams and targets seems impossible. You could be building a brilliant product that nobody seems to be using no matter how hard you try, working real hard with no results or find yourself up against big companies with a lot of resources than you have at your disposal. Instead of giving up continue giving everything you can and hope it will work out in your favor, just like Chelsea FC have done in this edition of UEFA Champions League.
Chelsea FC is a perfect example of how ambition and belief in yourself can take you far. Having a bad season at home, a ageing team, nobody expected them to go any further than the group stages but they did, losing 3-1 to Napoli in the first leg of the second round, nobody expected them again to overturn that deficit and win 4-1 to progress to the quarter finals where they would win comfortably against Benfica to face Barcelona in the semi finals.
Barcelona, a team arguably the best the world of football has ever seen, boasting some of the best footballers in the world including Lionel Messi, a three time world footballer of the year. To any football analyst it seemed like a no-brainer that Chelsea FC was going to lose big time.
On the 18th the first leg was finally played in London. Barcelona had a ball possession of about 75%, clearly Chelsea was finding it difficulty but they fought to the bitter end .Wave after wave of Barcelona attack came but Chelsea defended their goal like something I have never seen in my life. The perseverance was rewarded just before the end of half time when on the counter attack Didier Drogba scored their only chance at goal. In the second half they like many have jokingly said they parked the whole bus in the 18 area and managed to not conceive a goal. Chelsea had done the impossible, they had stunned the better of the best 1-0 and many could not believe it.
Still Chelsea had to play again Barcelona in the second leg which would be impossible considering Barcelona had lost to Real Madrid their bitter rivals recently in a league match to destroy their hopes of winning the Spanish league. Barcelona coming in the seconded leg was wounded buffalo fighting for its life and it will have to take more than just football to stop them.
24TH arrived and the match was played. Defending being the game plan they suffered a major setback when one of their best defenders, Cahill was injured and had to leave the pitch. Still they fought but their loss became evident when the conceded the first goal. Shaken Chelsea had to suffer again when their trusted defender and captain was shown a red card after fouling Sanchez who did not even had a ball. Now at this moment with only 10 men against a team like Barcelona their fate seemed decided. Moments later they conceded another goal and at this point in time everyone had ruled Chelsea out.
It needed a miracle for Chelsea to win this game, because with a ball possession of 22%, down to 10 men, one could wonder how they were going to score. Chelsea continued to believe it was their time and they were rewarded when they utilized a rare opportunity to score through Ramires, who scored one of the coolest goals I have ever seen. This was just before half time and referee blew the whistle to signal the end of first half.
All Chelsea needed to do now was to defend and achieve one of the memorable results in the football circles. The second half soon started again Chelsea parked the whole bus in the 18 area but they were to concede a penalty. Lionel Messi one the most experienced penalty takers took the penalty for Barcelona and missed. The odds where now going in Chelsea’s favor and now everyone was starting to believe it’s written in the stars. Barcelona was now striking with passion and even their defenders were coming forward to attack. If you were a Chelsea fan, the match was now agonizing to watch because at the rate at which Barcelona were attacking it seemed it was only matter before they put the ball into the back of the net.
With only ten minutes Chelsea coach Di Matteo brought in Torres for Drogba. Many questioned this change but it later yielded the results for the team. Chelsea had managed to contain Barcelona and had only about 8 minutes to defend and taste glory. Barcelona with time ticking desperately attacked and Chelsea continued hold on. Regular time came to an end and three minutes of injury time was added. Chelsea had three minutes to hold on and Barcelona had the same time to win. With on 1 minute to go Chelsea struck on counter attack through Fernando Torres, a goal many jokingly said repaid the 50 million pounds Chelsea had paid to get the striker. Chelsea had achieved the impossible and they had done because they believed it was their team. The final whistle was blown and the Chelsea camp could celebrate. Social networks feeds all over world were filled with this historic performance.
I believe every person, business or startup can all learn from Chelsea. Everything seemed against them but in the end it was sweet victory. Another story is also of Pinterest which spend a lot with very low figures of users, but they persevered to become one of the biggest social networks. So even if it seems impossible, believe it’s written in stars that you will win.


About Munyuki Manatsa

I am web developer @ http://www.mixdem.com.I like programming in php ,hip hop ,soccer and action movies.


6 thoughts on “When the odds are against you, believe it’s written in the stars that you will achieve your goals

  1. Awesome Post ! Really loved it 🙂

    Posted by Virendra Rajput | April 28, 2012, 1:17 pm
  2. One of the best matches of the whole tournament.

    Posted by nikocal17 | April 28, 2012, 2:03 pm
  3. A great performance by the blues indeed but i saw this defeat coming because of their performance against Real Madrid. The Catalans were not the same team of the previous year.

    Posted by nikocal17 | April 28, 2012, 2:06 pm
    • I think other teams have finally understood how to play The Catalans . Also Barcelona should be looking for a striker given the number of chances they wasted . Messi is great but he is just a midfielder who happens to score.

      Posted by Munyuki Manatsa | April 28, 2012, 4:41 pm

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