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How I got my start in programming

My first encounter with a computer was in 2000, I was 14 years old . It was part of a UNICEF programme to promote computer literacy in schools .They were going from school to school with their truck which a computer laboratory inside . I had about 20 minutes with computer where I was taught … Continue reading

When the odds are against you, believe it’s written in the stars that you will achieve your goals

Sometimes in life you find yourself in a position where achieving your goals, dreams and targets seems impossible. You could be building a brilliant product that nobody seems to be using no matter how hard you try, working real hard with no results or find yourself up against big companies with a lot of resources … Continue reading

Why Hip Hop needs a community news website like Hacker News

It’s not unusual to read about hip hop artists spending thousands of dollars on strippers in one night, deleting their twitter accounts, twitter beef, reviews of whack albums or any other garbage news. If you are like me, you would rather read about hip hop becoming part of the curriculum in Japan, how hip hop … Continue reading

Thank you Hacker News!

Last week on the 14th, I wrote an article about the challenges I faced creating http://www.mixdem.com and posted the link on Hacker News. Within hours the story had been up-voted to the front page, and I did not know about it. Later on during the evening as always, I visited Hacker News, and to my … Continue reading

How I created and launched a website from the internet café in Zimbabwe,Africa

After my last interview with a big mining firm,I got fed up.I had gone to many interviews with big companies , and the result was always the same.With unemployment at a staggering 80% , one can imagine the stiffness of the competition , now add corruption and your chances are next  to none. I graduated … Continue reading